Guelph, ON Canada
Barbara McKinstry N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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Workshops, Classes, Courses

Periodically, Barbara will run a class, course, or workshop on topics her clients have requested more information or support on. Some of the more frequent subjects have included: Menopause, Children's Health, Women's Health, Homeopathy Study Group, Intro. to Natural Healing, Natural First Aid, and Homeopathy for Common Ailments.

Connecting to the Sacred. We are part of something much larger than our family, community or nation. We are part of something eternal and omnipresent Ė letís call it sacred. For many people, connecting to the sacred is deeply rewarding and meaningful. In this two hour evening, you'll learn and experience the essentials of creating personal ceremony. You'll enjoy a living prayer ceremony called a Despacho from the Peruvian Shamanic tradition. For more Inofrmation call or email Barbara.

Spirit Space

Imagine for a moment that you are a sprite of cosmic energy and not just a hodgepodge collection of biochemistry reactions. That you are, instead, a spirit being taking a course called Being Human. Would it be exciting to live a life based on that notion?

Beginning in 2008 my husband Gregory Boyce and I have experienced exciting and marvellous personal inner changes and spiritual development founded on the above idea and manifested in the traditions of the Peruvian Shamans. Three of the most profound yet simple practices have been: (1) receiving activation of seeds of spiritual growth called the Great Rites; (2) creating living prayers of gratitude and intention, called despachos; and (3) holding ceremonial fires to invite the new and release the old ways of being and/or doing. We've been sharing these practices with small groups since 2010, and we're excited to be doing it again this year. Consider joining us. For more Information Click here.

Daily Renewal of Health Project

Starting January 2013 ...
As I have worked with clients over the last 25 years, I have seen that those who can makes changes to how they live each day make the most profound difference in their health. Change like this takes right information, a sense of how important the change is, the right timing and the confidence and support to do and maintain it. It is said that if you can keep up with a change for 21 days, that change will stick around.

I envision a monthly meeting where we would discover, share and develop repeatable health habits. These habits would feed body, mind, energy and spirit. My contribution as the leader would be to present a bit of new info to stimulate discovery. I would share from my experience of supporting people in my practice as well as my own health challenges and successes. I would also develop a repeatable health experience for us to do for part of each session.

Call Barbara and share with her what would interest you in joining.

Menopause - Embracing Change
Sunday Jan. 23, 2011    9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.    $80. including vegetarian lunch.
This daylong retreat nourishes body, mind and spirit with yoga, self-exploration, creativity, nature, community and teaching.
Barbara McKinstry and Jill Davey at the Riversound Retreat in Fergus
Pre-Register with Jill at 519-843-5900 or jill@rasayana.ca
Click here for the flyer.

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YogaDance is a unique blend of both guided and spontaneous movement that draws on yoga and the chakra system. It's a powerful, uplifting healing with joy, laughter, passion, respect for the body and sacred space. For people of all ages and experiences, with music from around the world. Click Here for more details.

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