Guelph, ON Canada
Barbara McKinstry N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is a scientific system of medicine based on the discovery that a substance can cure the same problems it causes - usually by varying the dosage of that substance and preparing it in a special way.

Any herb, mineral, or animal product given to a healthy person in a suitable dosage often enough will cause that person to become ill in a specific pattern unlike any other. Each substance produces unique symptoms in a healthy person. The same substance in very minute doses will remove those same symptoms it is capable of producing. This is the principle of "let likes be cured by likes" and is the foundation of homeopathy.

For example, everyone knows what happens when one drinks too much coffee. The mind races and prevents sleep; the nervous system gets on edge and trembling may result. According to Homeopathy, the best antidote to coffee poisoning is - coffee. Only a very small amount, one drop or less, prepared in a special way will reverse the effects.

Another example is the cook who is slicing onions. His eyes burn and water profusely. Possibly the nose too gets in the act with sneezing and watering. However, if a person has not been handling onions and comes to a Homeopath with these symptoms, he may be suffering what is called hay fever. One remedy is - onion - a very small amount prepared in a special way.

In Ontario, anyone can purchase homeopathic remedies from health food stores and drugstores. Indeed anyone can act as a Homeopath and prescribe homeopathic remedies. However, the public can be assured of a practitioner's training and expertise if the Homeopath has passed the board examinations of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy and become a fellow of that academy. Wanting to specialize in Homeopathy, Barbara McKinstry studied, interned, and subsequently passed these exacting board exams to become a fellow.

Barbara practices Homeopathy as one component of her approach to health with her patients. Frequently, dramatic improvements are experienced by patients treated with a homeopathic remedy.

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